Know. Like. Trust.  Get these three things right and your website will be a marketing tool that is worth the investment. Fail at any one and you will end up like 80% of websites: A waste of space. Whether you need to design a new website or enhance your current one — my goal is to help you to create a website that builds trust as it connects you with more of your ideal clients: All day. Every day.



Web Audits and Strategy Sessions

Are you wondering if your health and wellness practice should invest in a new website?  How can you get more visitors to your website? And should you be blogging? Schedule your $49 web audit or strategy session for expert advice on what you can do to take your website to the next level.  

Web Design & Brand Design


Are you excited or embarrassed to share the link to your website?  Does it look modern? Is it easy to read on a smart phone? Can you update it easily? Is anyone actively managing your software and backups? If not then it's time to update your website — and the Mighty team can help you get a new website up in record time. 

Sales Funnels or Landing Pages


While your website is always the home base of your marketing efforts, Sales pages (also called landing pages or click funnels) can help you build a list of prospects, as well as be a place to sell your course, program or product. We understand how to put together a sales funnel that will produce measurable results for your business.


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“I had an outdated and unexciting website that did not reflect well on my business, and I was overwhelmed with the how to go about getting a new website. When I met Heather Cox I thought her services would be the answer to my prayers, and I was right. Heather is the real deal! She has serious expertise, and answered my questions thoroughly and patiently. Best of all, the process was smooth and easy. ” — Ketura Persellin

We work with professional service providers including management consulting firms, engineering firms, medical practices and nonprofits to offer expert advice on their journey to a better website. 

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